#52: Vittorio Leonardi

Vittorio Leonardi

Moroccan hipsters, animal espionage & nouveau riche filth

Raconteur, space pirate & comedian, Vittorio Leonardi, joins the Gareth on the pod couch as he visits Cape Town from Gauteng for a series of shows. A veteran of the comedy scene, he talks about his tentative first gigs at the now-defunct Randburg Waterfront, Witbank and more as well as the state of Joburg comedy today.
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#48: Stood up by guests


Semi-perfect, meat cake & a vomity mattress

Gareth A returns from the States to find that Gareth W did the podcast solo without him, roping in Dave Levinsohn. With three different guests standing the two hosts up, a guest-less episode ensues.

Tumblr baking fails, the world’s best vending machines and a whole lot of Frikkies are all covered this week. The duo also announce that they’ll be recording a few podcast episodes at the National Arts Festival in Grahamstown, and dispense some glib facts about the number 48.

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#47: Dave Levinsohn

Dave Levinsohn

Banned fart smells, outrageously late beers & a pair of Moroccosins

It’s time for One G and a D! Wait – what?

With Gareth Allison out of the country for a week, Gareth Woods decides to go ahead with the podcast by attempting to interview comedian/MC/actor Dave Levinsohn.

Things get derailed almost instantly as Dave answers phone calls from friends, orders room service & offers advice and tips on how to better the show rather than simply be a guest, throwing Gareth W off. He also discusses his fake beer label, being considered black by a major local bank, worst gigs, and Bill Taylor, Bill Taylor and Bill Taylor.

Will Gareth W regain control, or will Dave replace both him and Gareth A? Get ready, folks – it’s Two G’s In A Pod as you’ve never heard it before…and may never again!

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#46: Westley Cockrell

Westley Cockrell

Douchebag Wikipedia, MTV poetry & chicken candles

George’s favourite son, comedian Westley Cockrell, stops by to chat about CD hidden tracks & take on some more testing “Would You Rather?” questions from the Gareths.

Creative cheating now that teachers are more tech-savvy? Unprotected wi-fi? Twilight vs Nickelback? Yep, all that and more on this week’s Two G’s In A Pod!

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#45: Would You Rather?

Decided by a cut-throat game of rock/paper/scissors, Gareth & Gareth each take on some of the world’s toughest “Would You Rather?” questions on this week’s guest-less episode.

Has Gareth A delivered the best intro jingle yet? Can you tell a lie in international waters? And how close is too close when it comes to Nicolas Cage? Now’s your chance to find out – episode 45 of Two G’s In A Pod is here!

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#44: Quinton Lavery

Quinton Lavery

Budget Terry, awful movie pitches and a sexy scarecrow

Director, non-Gareth & independent filmmaker Quinton Lavery has made a name for himself directing many of the music videos you’ve seen from such bands as Van Coke Kartel, Jack Parow as well the brand-new “Toe Vind Ek Jou” duet between Francois van Coke & Karen Zoid that’s currently racking up the views over on YouTube.
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