#41: Stuart Cairns

Stuart Cairns

Silent letters, bikini rifles & a house for £1

Owner of one of the most raucous laughs the internet has ever heard, comedian Stuart Cairns is the featured non-Gareth on this week’s episode. Apart from being a standup comedian, you’ll be surprised to find that he also reads stories to children at a local independent book store – step right up, impressed single ladies! Favourite children’s books, babycinos and dinosaurs – turns out that Stuart is an expert in all three!
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#40: Phil de Lange


The faux/mo ratio, dat Tintin swag and a Gargirl

Forty is the new thirty, or so we’ve been told. We’re feeling our age slightly as ukulele-wielding English Literature degree-holding comedian Phil de Lange joins the Gareths on perhaps Cape Town’s windiest day of the year to talk about the things that REALLY matter.
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#39: Ricki Allemann


Sexy extracts, a haunted laptop & the Twitterati

Musician & prolific Twitterer Ricki Allemann stops by the studio this week. The gang poke fun at social media, including parody accounts and Facebook freemium games. The Gareths also try to impress their guest with their new collection of gargoyles, to little avail.
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#38: Yaaseen Barnes


A minotaur metaphor, German pizza & a bottled water taste-test

A world-first on this week’s show, as Capetonian one-liner comic & Instagram celebrity Yaaseen Barnes participates in a bottled water blind taste-test. Which will he choose? Will it be as gripping as it sounds? (Spoiler alert: it totally is).
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#35: Conrad Koch


Emmy nominations, bwerking & a farm full of guinea fowl

Chester Missing fans rejoice! Fresh from his Steve Hofmeyr-trumping antics in court, acclaimed comedian Conrad Koch joins the Two G’s in the studio to chat about being a puppet’s concierge, politicians’ cheap whiskey & why it’s easy to do ventriloquism on radio.
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