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#37: Grant Hinds


Circus Charlie, ocean crimes & a bit of robotician

One of South Africa’s most well-known authorities on gaming and self-proclaimed professional geek, Grant Hinds, joins the G’s this week and a lot of video game geek talk ensues.

Most of you will recognise Grant from his work on television, radio & in print, exposing gaming & tech to the masses. Never fear though, comedy fans: there are still plenty of bizarre news stories & tomfoolery to keep you satisfied. Brain theft? Yep. Protecting your groin from werewolves? Check. It’s nothing but the best for you here on Two G’s In A Pod!

Once you’re done listening to this episode, mosey on over to Grant’s official website or catch up with him on Twitter. The bizarre news stories featured on the show this week are listed below for your pleasure/disgust/disbelief. Enjoy!

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