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#38: Yaaseen Barnes


A minotaur metaphor, German pizza & a bottled water taste-test

A world-first on this week’s show, as Capetonian one-liner comic & Instagram celebrity Yaaseen Barnes participates in a bottled water blind taste-test. Which will he choose? Will it be as gripping as it sounds? (Spoiler alert: it totally is).

Learn more about the unique challenges that a one-liner/pun comic faces when it comes to live shows, literal seque-ways as well as why Yaaseen has taken on the challenge to write for satirical show ZANEWS. The latest bizarre news stories from around the world also get a look in – strap yourself in for another wild ride, courtesy of Two G’s In A Pod!

Be sure to follow Yaaseen on Twitter & Instagram as well as checking out the weird news stories we covered in this episode below:

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