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#39: Ricki Allemann


Sexy extracts, a haunted laptop & the Twitterati

Musician & prolific Twitterer Ricki Allemann stops by the studio this week. The gang poke fun at social media, including parody accounts and Facebook freemium games. The Gareths also try to impress their guest with their new collection of gargoyles, to little avail.

As always, the latest bizarre news from around the world is put under a microscope; potential Marmite body paint that people may or may not want, a ghostly eBay item up for sale and a man arrested thanks to his own selfie? You bet.

Ricki also lets us in on his list of influential albums, and the guys make their State of the Nation predictions to boot (bearing in mind that this episode was recorded the night before SONA15).

Follow Ricki on Twitter here & don’t forget to check out his band Veladraco as well.

Here are the links to each of the weird news stories mentioned in this episode:

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