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#40: Phil de Lange


The faux/mo ratio, dat Tintin swag and a Gargirl

Forty is the new thirty, or so we’ve been told. We’re feeling our age slightly as ukulele-wielding English Literature degree-holding comedian Phil de Lange joins the Gareths on perhaps Cape Town’s windiest day of the year to talk about the things that REALLY matter.

2014’s most popular baby names are revealed & reviled (“Heavenleigh”, anyone?), and the group debate as to exactly when you need to wash denim. Our long-lost “Word of the Day” section returns with a vengeance as well.

Congolese hair gel, clip-on urinals & the difficulty of selling Chester Missing on Gumtree? Sit back and pretend to be doing some work: it’s yet another oddly satisfying episode of Two G’s In A Pod!

For more on the weird news stories covered in this week’s episode, check out the following links:

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