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#44: Quinton Lavery

Quinton Lavery

Budget Terry, awful movie pitches and a sexy scarecrow

Director, non-Gareth & independent filmmaker Quinton Lavery has made a name for himself directing many of the music videos you’ve seen from such bands as Van Coke Kartel, Jack Parow as well the brand-new “Toe Vind Ek Jou” duet between Francois van Coke & Karen Zoid that’s currently racking up the views over on YouTube.

A keen student of film, Lavery also wrote & directed his first full-length feature, Casting Me, a completely independent semi-autobiographical movie starring Paul Snodgrass, Colin Moss & Roxanne Prentice that has just been made available for streaming and purchase on the internet via iTunes, Amazon and more.

The two Gareths, grabbing a rare chance to have a movie director on their couch, decide to pitch some terrible movie ideas spanning several genres, with varying results of success (ie. very little).

Weird news is, as always, in attendance with a Chinese man that you could say “loves too much”, as well as fried chicken porn. In a first on the show, Quinton also remarkably brought his own weird news story to the table, alongside his obligatory intro and outro jingles – what a guy!

Here’s your chance to hear just what it takes to make your own movie, whilst also chatting about the things that really matter…like the worst Ninja Turtle. It’s episode 44 of Two G’s In A Pod!

Catch up with Quinton via Twitter and be sure to check out his film Casting Me on iTunes as well as Amazon. Boom!

For more on the weird news stories covered in this week’s episode, check out the links below:

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