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#47: Dave Levinsohn

Dave Levinsohn

Banned fart smells, outrageously late beers & a pair of Moroccosins

It’s time for One G and a D! Wait – what?

With Gareth Allison out of the country for a week, Gareth Woods decides to go ahead with the podcast by attempting to interview comedian/MC/actor Dave Levinsohn.

Things get derailed almost instantly as Dave answers phone calls from friends, orders room service & offers advice and tips on how to better the show rather than simply be a guest, throwing Gareth W off. He also discusses his fake beer label, being considered black by a major local bank, worst gigs, and Bill Taylor, Bill Taylor and Bill Taylor.

Will Gareth W regain control, or will Dave replace both him and Gareth A? Get ready, folks – it’s Two G’s In A Pod as you’ve never heard it before…and may never again!

Want to read more about the bizarre news stories covered in this week’s episode? Of course you do! Find out more below, and don’t forget to follow Dave on Twitter:

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