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#52: Vittorio Leonardi

Vittorio Leonardi

Moroccan hipsters, animal espionage & nouveau riche filth

Raconteur, space pirate & comedian, Vittorio Leonardi, joins the Gareth on the pod couch as he visits Cape Town from Gauteng for a series of shows. A veteran of the comedy scene, he talks about his tentative first gigs at the now-defunct Randburg Waterfront, Witbank and more as well as the state of Joburg comedy today.

A geek in the best sense of the word, Vittorio also fills us in on the perils of the dark/deep web, and why it’s a good idea to stay away from it (unless you want the FBI knocking on your door). As usual, the latest bizarre news from around the world is dissected with aplomb, including 4D movies, 22-year-old Toyota Corollas and Israel’s obsession with dolphin spies.

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